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Health and wellbeing influences many aspects of a business and its workforce.  A business that manages employee health effectively can see progressive results on absence and performance levels as well as initiating a positive effect on workplace culture.

An Occupational Health Service supports a business to manage their approach to heath and wellbeing. The specialist advice and support offered by the Occupational Health practitioner assists both the employer and employee with the management of specific health issues which may be impacting the workplace, for example attendance or long-term job capability.

There are a number of bespoke innovative approaches which can be tailored to support a healthy business and healthy staff.  

Clinical Case Management

Where health concerns are impacting a business either through absence, performance or health issues, many employers find it challenging to be able to know how best to approach an employee whilst also ensuring appropriate and reasonable recommendations are considered,

Clinical case management offers assistance with these concerns by enabling a manager to refer an employee to an OH Specialist where a consultation will generally consider the underlying health issues, current impact on work and future outlook for the employee. It can also compliment additional business focused advice e.g. Human Resources, and can be an effective approach to enabling resolution to health/ work related issues.

Bespoke Rehabilitation

When an employee has been absent from work for a lengthy period, it can be challenging for the employer to know how best to accommodate a return to work. Working collaboratively with HR, the employer, employee and in some cases additional medical opinion, the Occupational Health specialist can develop a bespoke rehabilitation plan that reflects the needs of the business in conjunction with that of the employee. Successful rehabilitation can be established when there is a team approach from all parties involved both for the business and employee. Regular review and updated advice from Occupational health can also enable expectations to be highlighted with the outcome being a sustained and seamless transition when an employee returns to work.

Health Improvement Programs

All businesses strive to be productive and operationally sound.  By investing in workforce health and wellbeing, the dividends are noted not just in the overall culture of the business but also in improved resilience to chronic health conditions that can impact workforces, including obesity, heart disease, mental health and cancer.

In some cases, the health needs of a business can be obvious for example, high work related stress absence rates can relate to poor management of mental health concerns/ impact of work practices however, some conditions are not at the forefront of business health conscious however they do need to be recognized and acted upon.

The Occupational Health Specialist can assess the health needs of the organization and support management in instigating health initiatives that can lead to short and long term improvements through various employee-engaging programs.

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