Employment Legislation Compliance

We all see the headline claims at Employment Tribunals, but the reality is that most claims never reach tribunal as settlements are reached beforehand. Nevertheless, it’s still a costly business and it’s far better to limit your exposure to any potential claims by implementing HR best practices. We can help you do this in the following ways:

Policies & Procedures

Having comprehensive HR policies and procedures provides you with a fair and consistent approach to managing your staff, allowing you to work as an effective leader and operate best practices across your organisation. Policies and procedures you may wish to introduce or update include:

  • Recruitment and selectioniStock_000004530176XSmall
  • Performance management
  • Training and development
  • Remuneration and benefits
  • Equal opportunities
  • Working practices
  • Maternity and paternity
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Absence and attendance
  • TUPE transfers and organisational restructures
  • Redundancy programmes

At Magenta HR we can work with you to write and implement a full employee handbook or alternatively we can identify specific policies and procedures for your organisation.

Legal Compliance

Well designed policies and procedures form the cornerstone of good employment practices, however, it’s important employees understand them fully and managers know how and when to go through the implementation phase. We can help you to do this and ensure you feel comfortable managing statutory employment obligations.

We are fortunate to work closely with a number of Scottish law firms, working with employment lawyers to ensure advice is acted upon and approaching issues in a practical and supportive manner for clients. The relationship we have with employment law teams provides you with immediate access to employment law experts who are able to assist you with the legal matters affecting your business.

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